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Writing on Beach

About Me

Writing on Beach

Author, YouTuber, Cancer Survivor

My latest projects

Hi, I'm Faith. When I first started creating videos, my intention was to explore another creative medium, entertain (I *think* I'm funny), share writing tips, and document my journey toward (hopefully) publication.

However, in March 2021,there was a shocking turn of events as I was diagnosed with cancer. A mom of a one-year-old, I was overwhelmed, devastated and plagued with doubt. Did I have the strength to take on this monster? As I gained knowledge and confidence, I decided to document my journey, hoping to help others facing a similar hardship. As a cancer survivor, I continue to create videos to spread awareness, inspire and uplift others who are battling diseases and other misfortunes.

Writing and sharing my stories with the world means everything to me. I'm strong, perseverant and determined to succeed. Since I've found the strength to battle cancer, I know there isn't anything that can prevent me from achieving my publishing goals.

My debut novel, WILD SOULS, was released on 8/8/2022.

My second novel, WHERE MAGIC BEGINS, will be released on 7/7/2023.

Blue Skies
Blue Skies
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