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Jailed for little more than their identities, half-human, half-witch twins Zoeli and Saria endure torture and starvation in Nightingale Dungeon. As they struggle to escape, their biggest enemies, Uncle Talon and Licinia, hatch a plan to take over Aurelia, the supernatural realm, ensuring that the sisters will be imprisoned forever—or worse.

After one sister negotiates her release, she’ll do anything to free her twin—including striking a deal with a handsome vampire. When she gets more than she bargained for, both her life and heart are at stake.

Their only hope for saving themselves and Aurelia is doing the impossible: reversing a decades old curse. Magic coming undone has a ripple effect: exposing betrayals and unraveling lies. The truths that are revealed destroy friendships and break hearts.

If they’re strong enough, they’ll pick up the pieces and put themselves back together. They’ll even find that some things fall apart so better things can come together.

As Zoeli and Saria fight for one another and Aurelia, they discover that the greatest magic of all is the love between sisters. A true magic that can never come undone, as long as they make it through this battle alive.

Signed copy- Magic Coming Undone

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