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Ethan sees right through skin and bone, his visions exposing the true nature of each person he meets. In his town, he’s known as a freak and a liar. Completely ostracized, he keeps his head down and avoids people. After all, there’s no point in uncovering the truth about people if no one believes you anyway. Everyone says he’s insane. Yet, Jenna likes him.

Jenna has no idea that Ethan can see straight through to her soul. She doesn’t know why he accuses upstanding citizens of heinous crimes—spurring hatred towards him throughout their small town. All Jenna knows is that he gets her offbeat humor and fascination with the paranormal. Spending time with Ethan is a welcome escape from wondering why her dad won’t answer her calls…

Until Ethan's sixth-sense opens a gate to their souls—literally. As they face their inner-most demons, they could either fall apart or fall deeper in love than they ever imagined…

Signed Wild Souls Paperback (Purple Back)

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